I have written two books so far, a novel, A Boring Book (2022), which is a romantic comedy of manners starring a young Canadian fellow who claims to be the dullest to ever star in a book, and a selfish-help book, How to Cure Yourself of Narcissism (2020), which is a comedy of foibles in which I tease the manners-challenged for the catharsis of the rest of us. Generously, I provide a link below to meet all of my books (present and future) on Amazon.

I have also contributed to two collections of writings. My short story Mr. Sinatra’s Bark is wagging its tail in Erik D’Souza’s New Beginnings (2019) (all proceeds to charity), and my feminist-fearing essay The Brave vs. The Privileged is honoured to reside in Dr. Janice Fiamengo’s Sons of Feminism (2017).