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On my whimsical, people-watching side, I write comedies of manners (see my novel, A Boring Book, or my satirical etiquette guide, How to Cure Yourself of Narcissism). On my serious, culture-watching side, I write passionate yet compassionate critiques of woke ethics (see my pre-SethStack writings at or my collection of unrequited letters to politically correct media stations—especially CBC Radio—sitting somberly on my desk).

My goal on both sides of my coin is not to defeat anyone, but to contribute heartfelt skepticism and principled kindness to these modern social and philosophical entanglements. My hope is that I might assist in undoing some dogma while maybe persuading a few of us to treat each other as worthy of consideration, even when we find each other’s arguments to be hard to fathom.

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Welcome aboard SethStacks: on the starboard side, I proudly offer you Sethiquette (in which I tease bloopers of human behaviour, except my own). On the port side, I nervously present Sethics (in which I counter puritanical—i.e. woke—moralizing).


Writer seeking reader: If you enjoy long rants on the page about the cruelty of cancel culture, or whimsical tales of humans behaving bafflingly, I’d love to get to know you over a cup of words. Must love dogs but not dogma.