My two cents’ worth are funded by a full-bodied empathy for what I imagine to be the feelings of both my audience and my philosophical adversaries, overseen by my assumption that I cannot presume to have correctly mind-probed the inner hopes and schemes of those not living in my brain.

This means I criticize the arguments and relevant actions of those against whom I rant, but I cannot convict them of evil motivations that I cannot confirm. So, while I think, for instance, that cancel culture runs on cruel principles, I will not publicly infer that individual cancellers hate those they demonize. As hard for me it as it is to comprehend, it’s possible that some cancel culturists sincerely believe—when they chop down an enemy’s allegedly hateful platform—that the axe they swing is on the humanist side of history. So I will attempt to argue with the stated arguments of those with whom I disagree instead of the most hateful thoughts that I hatefully imagine for them.