SethCast 1: Live at a Potluck

SethCast 1: Live at a Potluck

Four Men & A Baby: A Stroller Mystery

In this debut SethCast, I’m decked out on a friend’s porch with a gathering of fellow writers and thinkers. The story I tell is intended to entertain, but since I had warned the observers that the SethStacks Empire would also include anti-woke rants, during the post-tale Q&A, my Cast-mates sought to unearth any hidden anti-woke ponderings within the story. They seemed to decide that the anecdote suggested an anti-woke notion that male parents are perhaps mistreated differently than female parents. I’ll leave it to you to decide both whether the audience was right to infer such a subversive suggestion and whether I was right to allegedly imply it.

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Podcaster seeks listener: If you enjoy long rants in your earbuds about the cruelty of cancel culture or whimsical tales of humans behaving bafflingly, I’d love to get to know you over a cup of words. Must love dogs but not dogma.
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